Quick Skips Doncaster, 8 Ton Skip

The 8-ton skip is our largest skip and most popular for builders and construction companies. Quick Skips 8-ton skip is ideal for major renovation projects, large excavation jobs, home extensions, and complete house clearances. This skip is made for large sized items and can hold 80 full black bin bags. Being the large size it is, property owners and builders will be able to put this skip to full use. Large amounts of waste can be thrown into the skip without the worry of it filling up before you’ve barely started. If you’re having major work done to your home, or are a company that’s cleaning out a large building, we recommend this skip for you. 8 ton skips have plenty of room for all sorts of items and waste, and can be used to your advantage when giving your property a thorough clean through.

Because of its size, a fairly large amount of ground area will be needed for the skip to stand on, making it necessary for property owners to thoroughly examine and estimate whether this is the skip size they need. We suggest this skip to those that are looking to throw away bulky items and waste. For an average household this wouldn’t be the best skip for you, at least you’re planning on having major work down to your home or garden. Being 10.6 ft long and 5.9 ff wide, you can easily throw away large items such as chairs, sofas, tables, and various other home appliances and features. The large skip is a definite for construction companies and is the best choice for those doing large renovations or building work. If you’re unsure whether this skip is right for your purpose, give Quick skips a call for advice.

There are certain items one can’t dispose of in a skip, and by law, we aren’t allowed to take your skip if it contains the following items:

  • Food Scraps
  • Liquid Waste
  • Dangerous Chemicals
  • Acids & Poisons
  • Needles & Syringes
  • Gas Bottles
  • Explosives
  • Other environmentally unfriendly substances or objects likely to cause harm or damage.

To dispose of these materials you need to contact your local council.


Skip Sizes & Permits

Is an 8 ton skip too big? We’ve got 3 smaller skips available that still provide ample room for the junk you need to get rid of. Quick Skips aims to provide clients with the skip they need by offering a selection of reasonably sized skips perfect for all amounts of items and objects that you need to get rid off. If it’s not an 8-ton skip you’re looking for, check out our other skip sizes as we’re sure one of the other will be the perfect fit to your skip needs.

Quick Skips also provides ‘DMBC Council Skip Permits’ for those that will need their skip to be located on a public highway or pavement. If your residence doesn’t have enough room to hold a skip, and a public area around your property is needed for the skip to stand, a permit must be issued. We arrange this on your behalf at a small permit cost of £20.00 for a maximum of 7 days. Our company is also licensed by the Environmental Agency and strictly adheres to Government procedures regarding waste transfer. Our friendly staff will explain the rules and limits there are when it comes to filling up skips and will happily answer your questions.


Call Quick Skips today for quality skip services

Quick Skips in Doncaster is only one call away. Clients looking for quality skip services and friendly service men should pick up the phone today and give us a ring. We offer our services to residences throughout the Doncaster area, and with 200 skips we’ll always be able to cater your needs. Give us a ring and let us know what size skip you believe will suit your needs best. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask as many questions as you like as we’ll happily guide you towards selecting the perfect sized skip. Quick Skips looks forward to providing you with the same quality services we have maintained for over 20 years.


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