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Moving house, but need to have a thorough sort out of what you’re bringing with you and what needs to be thrown out? 6-ton skips are ideal for large house clean ups. This skip allows homeowners ample space to include bulky items and a generally good amount of waste. Able to hold approximately 60 full black bin bags, our 6-ton skip has become a popularly sized skip for both builders and property owners looking to get rid of various amounts of junk. Building and construction waste can easily be placed in this skip, just as large house and garden clean ups will find a sufficient amount of room with the 6-ton skip. If you’re having multiple small jobs done to your home we recommend the 6-ton skip. Due to its large size,  8.6 ft long, various items can be placed inside the skip. This allows you to get rid of everything at the same time. An example of such items would be doors, cabinets, pieces of wood, metal, furniture or appliances with a length of approximately 8 ft and a width of 5 ft. It’s always best to leave allowance if you’re planning to get rid of bulky items. We suggest you measure the certain items you’ll be throwing out before you hire a skip to ensure that they will fit.

Choosing your skip can be a tricky decision especially if it’s your first time hiring one, however, Quick Skips can provide you with honest and professional answers to all your questions and queries when given the right information by yourself. We highly suggest the 6-ton skip for homeowners and builders looking to have multiple jobs done within the timeframe you’ll have the skip. Various household items and waste can be placed inside, however, there are a few things by law that you can’t include in a skip. No asbestos, tires, batteries, liquids, chemicals, gas bottles, or other prescribed or listed wastes are allowed. For information regarding the disposal of such items, it’s best to contact the council as we are not permitted to bring these items along with us when we come to pick the skip up.


Skip Sizes & Permits

A 6-ton skip is a well-sized skip for many owners, however, for some, you may be looking for something a little smaller or bigger. If that is the case and you’re not 100% sure whether a 6-ton skip will be big enough, why not take a look at the 3 other sized skips our company offers. Each skip size is ideal for various objects and general waste. With our professional and honest advice, we can easily point you in the right direction.

When it comes to actually filling up your skip, there are certain limits we must abide in. Being licensed by the Environmental Agency, we strictly adhere to Government procedures regarding waste transfer. Our friendly service men will let you know how full the skip can be, and will willingly answer any questions or queries. For those that are worried their property doesn’t have enough space to fit a skip, Quick Skips can sort out a DMBC Council Skip Permit. This will allow you to have a skip placed on a public area such as a highway or pavement. This permit can be arranged by us on your behalf at a small permit cost of £20.00 for a maximum of 7 days. Our company always sees to it that any permits are obtained in good time and that all skips are filled to the legal level.


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